What do plant stem cells do for your skin?

Author: Mike Clague   Date Posted:3 August 2017 

Plant based stem cells – what do they do for your skin?

Stem cells are cells that continually grow and have the ability to self-renew. Plant stem cells come from a part of the plant known as the meristem, which is located at the tips of the roots and shoots. The stem cells in plants are similar to those in humans and animals in that they are undifferentiated, can keep regenerating and their role is to repair damaged plant cells and sometimes replace those that are dying. Now before you begin to worry about the idea that you may be repairing or replacing your own human cells with plant cells by using these creams, let me reassure you that this isn’t physiologically possible. Stem cells signal each other, and other cells, by releasing proteins known as cytokines. There are many types of cytokines, including growth factors which establish cell differentiation and promote growth and healing. While human and plant stem cells aren’t directly compatible, these growth factors can be harvested from plant stem cells and placed into skin care products providing many benefits to your skin.

What will plant stem cells do for your skin?

Plant stem cells can provide a wide range benefits when utilised in skin care products. Depending on the type of plant stem cells the benefits can be varied, for example

  • Apple Stem cell – Protects longevity of skin stem cells, combats chronological aging
  • Eidelweiss Stem cell – Strong anti-oxidant, promotes hydration.
  • Marrubium Stem Cell – Protection from strong radical scavenging, long term protection through maximization of skin cell defence system.
  • Grape Stem cell – Protects skin stem cells against UV stress. Delays senescence (loss of a cells power of division & growth) of essential cells. Fights photo-aging
  • Gardenia Stem Cell – Boost collagen synthesis, reduces collagen de- gradation, inhibits collagenase synthesis.
  • Lilac Stem Cell – Anti-in ammatory, sebum regulator, anti-fungi and acne bacteria inhibitor. 
One ingredient manufacturer’s study showed that a 0.1% concentration of stem cells extracted from Swiss apple stimulated the proliferation of human stem cells by 80%.28 In a trial with 20 patients,a cream containing the apple extract was found to reduce wrinkle depth by 8% after 2 weeks and 15% after 4 weeksxxxi. 
Studies have also shown that the use of some plant stem cells exert a signi cantly stronger oxygen free radical scavenging effect than both Vitamins C and E xxxii making them a powerful addition to modern skin care products.


  • Are there any side effects? 
There are few to no side effects from skin care products that contain plant stem cells. The use of plant stem cells in skin care however, is relatively new and the study of the effects is ongoing. As with all creams and serums, if irritation occurs you should immediately discontinue use. If the irritation continues, consult a medical professional.

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