Spring Racing Carnival

Author: Mike Clague   Date Posted:5 September 2017 

It’s that time of year again ladies and gentlemen, Spring Racing Carnival!

As one of the most highly anticipated events of the year we all want to look our best. It’s a time when most people spend significantly longer than usual, agonising over the right outfit, making sure their look is “on trend”.

Making sure that you’re suitably attired, to a level befitting the glamour of the day however, shouldn’t be the only preparation you undergo to ensure you survive a day at the races. Your skin care regime, pre and post races, will make sure you arrive looking camera ready, and that you don’t leave looking like you spent the day mucking out the stables and Regenerate Skin Care’s range of medically active skin care has got you covered.

Start with a fresh, clean face. The Refresh AHA/BHA cleanser by Regenerate exfoliates your skin, clearing away dead skin cells and prepares your skin to more effectively absorb other skin care products. As a handy tip for guys – the cleanser can also be used to shave with to help clear and prevent those nasty razor burn bumps.

Once you have a clean canvas to work with it’s always good to give your skin a boost with a Vitamin C serum. A good vitamin C serum will brighten your skin and improve the effects of your sunscreen. Regenerates Refuel 10% Vitamin C serum contains an oil encapsulated form of Vitamin C which is 100% stable and non-irritating with hydrating hyaluronic acid.

Sunscreen is going to be the most important element of your skin care routine, particularly at an outdoor event like the races. Sun damage is the number one cause of premature aging. If you want a tan for the Spring Racing Carnival – FAKE IT! (A good rule of thumb to live by is that healthy skin is the colour of the skin you were born with) The Reassure Daily Moisturiser is lightweight, absorbing easily into the skin, and with 18.6% zinc oxide provides protection against harmful UV rays. We recommend waiting 5 minutes before applying any make up to allow the sunscreen to absorb into your skin. For those not intending to wear make up, it’s a good idea to bring the sunscreen along and reapply throughout the day. A handy tip when applying sunscreen – rub the excess into the back of your hands. When you have radiant, youthful skin on your face you can make quite the first impression at the races….that is quickly ruined when you reach out to shake someone’s hand with the sun damaged claw of the crypt keeper! The sun doesn’t just age the skin on your face.

Once your day at the races is done and you’ve arrived home, weighed down with all your winnings, hair and clothing still impeccably in place, and certainly not carrying your shoes in hand, it’s time to give your skin a well needed pamper before bed.

Remove any make-up and give your skin a good deep clean – Reclaim Hydrating Micellar Water, with added hyaluronic acid, will effectively remove all traces of make-up. With the added benefit of active ingredients such as resveratrol to protect against free radical damage, witch hazel and cucumber extract to soothe the skin, Reclaim Micellar Water will leave your skin feeling fresh and clear before bed. A good retinol based serum will help repair any damage to your skin, increasing production of elastin, which means less wrinkles, sun spots, smaller pores and age spots. Regenerates Reactivate Collagen Stimulator with .09% retinol will leave your skin looking and feeling younger.

Taking care of the delicate skin around your eyes is an absolute must! Puffiness and dark circles will definitely let other race-goers know that you may have overdone it the day/night before! A good nights sleep and the Revive Eye Serum containing collagen stimulating peptides and plant stem cells will keep the skin around your eyes looking refreshed and smooth.

Moisturising before bed will keep your skin from getting dry at night, but since there’s no need to protect your skin from the sun at night you can probably forgo the SPF sunscreen and let your skin relax at night with a lighter moisturizer that will aid your skin while it’s in repair mode. We recommend keeping it simple with something like Cetaphil Moisturising lotion

If you remember to take care of your skin during the Spring Racing Carnival you’ll thank yourself when you realise that Christmas is just around the corner and you won’t be heading into a multitude of events for the festive season looking worn out with skin like that leather jacket that you asked Santa for.

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