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Author: Mike Clague   Date Posted:24 January 2017 

You might be off on your dream holiday with friends/ family to a tropical island paradise. You and your partner might be heading to the mountains this winter for some fun in the sun. You might be off on your third business trip this month. Whatever your reason for traveling, you need to make sure that you look after your skin during your journey and while you are away. Away from home, people tend to lose their discipline and strict routines that they maintained at home.

Here is a practical guide to help you pick the best skin care products that you will need for your trip.

Tropical Getaway

In the morning start your day with a boost of vitamin C serum, this provides antioxidant protection throughout the day to help protect your skin from free radical damage. Free radical damage is a result of sun exposure and can lead to wrinkles and pigmentation. Remember if your vitamin C serum is in a jar it is not working, make sure its in a vacuum pump and contains at least 10% oil soluble vitamin C.

It shouldn’t even have to be said here, but if you are traveling somewhere where there is plenty of sun, you need to wear sunscreen. It needs to be zinc based so it will block damaging UVA and UVB rays. Despite what everyone says a tan is just dumb, when else do we do something that lasts such a short time and does so much permanent damage to our body? Wear a hat and sunnies too!

Make sure that you wash your face every night with an AHA/BHA cleanser to remove any sunscreen residue that might block your pores over night. Since you are going to be spending some time in the sun, you might forego retinol because it can make you a little more sun sensitive. Instead at night opt for a gentle moisturiser like Cetaphil. Apply a skin lightening serum (tyrosinase inhibitor) at night to help reduce any pigmentation that might be occurring due to excess sun exposure.

Winter Getaway

Even though the sun might not be shining, harmful UV rays are still bombarding your skin through the snow clouds. Don’t let your guard down and remember to apply your daily moisturiser with zinc for optimum protection.

The winter wind can be particularly harsh on your skin and make it appear dry and chapped. Help prevent dehydration of the skin moisture loss by applying a product containing hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid has been used for years in lip plumping dermal fillers, it binds strongly to water and is the ultimate hydrator.

City Business Trip

You want to look your best for your big business meeting so it is important to have your skin looking nice. Apply a dose of vitamin C serum first thing in the morning to have you looking fresher. You might also want to apply a Revive Eye Serum to help smooth out wrinkles and relive tired looking, puffy eyes.

After a long day of meetings, give your face a good cleanse with an AHA/BHA cleanser to properly prepare your face for some night time repair. Apply a retinol collagen stimulator and an anti-ageing peptide to your face to help reduce fine lines and pores.

Plane Travel

Being stuck on a plane for hours on end is one of the necessary evils of travelling. The dry, recycled air can have you feeling like a piece of beef jerky after a while. Combat this feeling with a dose of vitamin B serum containing hyaluronic acid, remember hyaluronic acid will hold the moisture in and the vitamin B will strengthen the skin. Don’t forget to apply a little serum to your hands as they might need a little love as well. One of my other favourite ‘flying’ serums is our Revive eye serum, it will sooth the delicate eye area and contains plant stem cells to promote healing.

Just because you are away from home, doesn’t mean that you can neglect your skin. This is especially important if you are a frequent traveller. Follow these simple tips for beautiful skin anywhere.

By Mike Clague

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