Skin care for the modern man

Author: Mike Clague   Date Posted:24 January 2017 

How times have changed. Not only is it now acceptable, but it is often expected that a man spend as much time in front of the mirror as his partner. The modern man should be paying strict attention to personal grooming, not only in the way he dresses but by looking after his hair, nails and most importantly his skin.

There is nothing more alluring than a masculine man with baby soft skin and men around the globe are taking note and taking their skin care seriously. Excess sun exposure, alcohol consumption, smoking, stress, poor diet & lack of sleep all contribute to damaging your skin, leaving you looking tired, washed out and in some cases, a lot older than you actually are. With a daily skin care routine, men are fighting back, reversing the signs of aging with moisturisers, cleansers, serums and collagen stimulators.

A male skin care regimen does not have to be time consuming, in fact it is actually very simple.

Ten years ago, I learned a skin care routine that I still follow today. It is simple and effective and should form the essential core of any skin care routine. My philosophy is simple: DON’T waste money on moisturisers in fancy jars. Use Cetaphil moisturiser if you need moisture. DO invest money in your active serums (like vitamin C, Retinol, Vitamin B), cleansers and sunscreens.

For a simple, essential skin care routine you should try;


Cleanse with glycol/salicylic acid cleanser (REFRESH CLEANSER) – this removes dead skin cells and prepares the skin for serum application
Use a high strength Vitamin C serum (REFUEL 10% Vitamin C serum) – this antioxidant prevents free radical damage and can reduce pigmentation
Protect with a moisturiser containing zinc to block UVA and UVB (REASSURE Moisturiser with 18% ZInc Oxide) – sun damage is the single biggest factor in skin ageing


Use a Retinol (REACTIVATE Collagen Stimulator 0.9%) – Retinol has consistently shown in solid clinical studies that it stimulates collagen
Finally, at night if you want moisture, use ‘Cetaphil Moisturiser for dry skin’ from your local pharmacy.
At a clinic, this kind of skin care package would cost at least $500. We have designed our ‘MAN VS SKIN PACK’ as a starting point for great skin care. Currently, it is reduced to $300 for our clients.

Looking and feeling his best is something every man should aim for and thanks to our advanced range of medically active skin care products for men, we can help you achieve your desired look.

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By Mike Clague

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