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Author: Mike Clague   Date Posted:24 January 2017 

One of the most important products available for your skin is retinol. It is the gold standard when it comes to skin care. When using retinol you must be aware that in order for it to be effective, it must approach 1% concentration – if not, it won’t providethe results you are looking for.

Retinol concentrations close to 1% are the gold standard. Regenerate Skin Care offers ahigh concentration of Retinol in our REACTIVATE COLLGEN STIMULATOR (0.9% highest allowed over the counter concentration in Australia).

The Benefits of a good concentration Retinol are:

  • Regulates cell functions
  • Smoothes out lines and wrinkles.
  • Lessens visible pores.
  • Reverses UV (sunlight) damage.
  • Balances oil production.
  • Addresses ageing and acne.

What does Retinol (Vitamin A) do for your skin?

Retinol stimulates cell generation by sinking down into the dermis where it increases the number of blood vessels. This leads to a higher production of elastin, which means fewer wrinkles, sunspots, a thicker dermis, smaller pores and age spots. The benefits are great, but the requirement is that the retinol must be close to 1%.

Faster cell generation also means that the cells in the topmost layer of your skin are exchanged more quickly. This gives your skin a healthy glow and a more youthful appearance. If you like, retinol gives the ‘push’ if new cells towards the surface, AHA acids in cleansers can be considered the ‘pull’ by removing dead skin cells.

Dermatologists have used Vitamin A to fight severe cases of acne for more than fifty years.vi “Fantastic,” you might think, “I just saw this ad from a Big Cosmetic Company; they say they have Vitamin A in their face cream!”

While they might have Vitamin A as an ingredient, what is the concentration?

This is very important. Many ads try to manipulate you into thinking that the cream contains retinol – but those amounts are tiny and not effective. A lot of cosmetic store products contain trace amounts of retinol.. This amount will do nothing for your skin. You may see minor changes that take months to show up, but the skin repair is so minor that they are not worth the price you paid for the product. In case you do find retinol in over-the-counter products, remember that you need a concentration of around 1% for it to make a difference.

Research shows that high potency retinol is safe for the skin and provides repair of cellular structure damage gradually within the epidermal cells.vii It also repairs damage within the dermal collagen and small blood vessels. A weak concentration does not provide this kind of repair at the cellular level.

A product that contains close to 1% stimulates exfoliation of the dull looking epidermal cells by speeding up the skin cell turnover process time. The standard time of repair is 30-35 days, but retinol products can reduce the turnover time to 5 or 6 days.viii This causes the skin to appear brighter, smoother and more youthful. Oil glands shrink and as a result pore size is reduced. In 2000, Varani et al found that retinol was effective in improving the extracellular matrix of ageing skin. They applied 1% retinol for 7 days in volunteers over 80 years ofage. Histologic (cell) study of skin samples revealed increased fibroblast growth (cells that make collagen) and collagen synthesisix

You won’t get these results from trace retinol beauty products. They will waste your time and hard-earned money.

How do I use it?

Your skin is far better off when using a cream with a good concentration of retinol (and taking a few precautions):

  • Retinol can irritate your skin. This can result in flaky, red skin. This will be worse if you have very sensitive skin. It’s a normal reaction and will disappear within one to two weeks.x If you’re uncomfortable with this, simply start by using your cream every second day for a few hours, then wipe it off. Gradually build up to leaving it on overnight every second night. Then move on to using it every night, when you are freeof any redness or mild peeling.
  • Be especially careful if you have dark skin, because your risk of experiencing these initial side effects is higher than for light skinned people.
  • Retinol is a great treatment for acne, but it’s known for making things worse before they get better. You will probably suffer a breakout after you start your treatment, which will pass after some weeks and will result in much cleaner, healthier skin.
  • A very common side effect is that retinol makes your skin more vulnerable to sun damage. Do not use your Retinol in the morning; incorporate it into your evening routine instead. During the day, always wear a good moisturizer with a high zinc concentration (more than 15% zinc oxide).
  • Use a gentle facial cleanser before you put on your Retinol
    USE: Apply at night beginning a few times a week and building up to using more regularly. Lightly massage into skin avoiding eye area. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Recommended Product
REACTIVATE Collagen Stimulator 0.9% Retinol , 30ml – from regenerateskincare.com

Active ingredients – 0.9% retinol (Vitamin A)

Product features:

  • Regulates cell functions
  • Smooth’s lines, wrinkles and lessens visible pores
  • Helps reverse UV damage
  • Helps reverse UV damage
  • Balances oil production
  • Addresses ageing and acne

By Mike Clague

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