How do I get rid of dark circles and puffiness under my eyes?

Author: Mike Clague   Date Posted:4 April 2017 

While it’s a commonly held belief that dark circles and puffiness under your eyes are the result of a lack of sleep, the truth is there are numerous factors that can cause dark circles and puffiness. Allergies, stress, heredity (geez, thanks mum and dad!), too much sleep, fluid retention….and the list goes on.

The best place to begin is to take good care of the skin in your eye area, full stop, period. The skin under your eyes is super delicate and needs special attention to ensure that you don’t damage it and potentially make things worse. The obvious tips would be to ensure you’re well rested and avoid anything that you know triggers or aggravates your dark circles and/or puffiness and remember – ALWAYS remove your eye-make up before going to bed. All make-up in general should be removed before bed to avoid a multitude of skin issues. That leftover eyeliner and mascara however, can lead to inflammation (which will only make under eye puffiness more pronounced) or even eye infections which I think we can all agree are NEVER a good look. Clean off all your make up at night using a micellar water with hyaluronic acid.

To combat the darkness under your eyes, you can lighten the skin with a tyrosinase inhibitor like RESET Pigment Suppression System. You need to limit the darkening of the skin with whatever tools are available including laser treatments to reduce capillaries in the area.

To reduce the puffiness under your eyes there are a few different helpful hints. The old trick of a couple of cool cucumber slices over the eyes can be helpful – however this isn’t because of anything in the cucumber slices themselves so much as the temperature of the slices. In this sense, a cold compress or even the back of some cold spoons over your eyes will work just as well. Another simple trick to avoid puffiness under your eyes is to elevate your head at night with an extra pillow. This may stop any excess fluid from pooling under the eye which can make them appear dark and puffy. Using a caffeine based eye serum like our REVIVE will help reduce puffy inflammation in the morning. Caffeine has been used topically for many years now to reduce under eye swelling. As a vasoconstrictor, caffeine can constrict the blood vessels, preventing blood from gathering below the surface of the skin around the eyes, which is sometimes the reason this area can seem darker.

If you have deep, genetic dark eye circles you might want to also consider a dermal filler in the area with your local cosmetic injector. This area is tricky to fill so choose your injector based on their own before and after photos and their reputation. This example from Facelove Medispa.

When considering products to use on the skin around your eyes, it goes without saying that you should choose products that have been formulated specifically for the more sensitive skin in that area. Revive Eye Serum by Regenerate Skin Care utilises a combination of collagen stimulating peptides and plant based stem cells to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

You must make certain that particular attention is paid to the skin around your eyes when considering your overall skin care routine. Recognising the factors that cause dark circles and puffiness (whether they be environmental, lifestyle or hereditary) will ensure that you can find the right solutions to have you looking less tired.

To summarise our advice –

  • if it’s dark circles under the eyes – use a lightening serum like RESET and consider laser to reduce pigment/capillaries in the under eye area
  • if it’s puffy eyes – try an under eye serum with caffeine to reduce inflammation
  • if it’s a genetic deep tear trough – consider dermal fillers with a cosmetic clinic, choose your injector wisely
  • if it’s textural issues like ‘crepey’ skin under the eyes or fine lines – use a serum with peptides and plant stem cells like Revive. This combination is gentle in terms of irritation while getting results from proven efficacy in collagen stimulation. Also perhaps consider Dermapen skin needling under the eyes with a professional.

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