What are the Benefits of using a Vitamin C Serum?

Author: Mike Clague   Date Posted:24 January 2017 

What are the Benefits of Using a Vitamin C Serum

People have long since known how beneficial Vitamin C can be to our health. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps boost our body’s natural defence system. Did you know that a Vitamin C serum can also protect your skin from premature ageing? The same antioxidant qualities that ward off colds can help protect your skin from free radical damage. You can go ahead and stop trying to smear oranges directly onto your face. There are much more effective ways to give your skin the Vitamin C that it needs.

What are free radicals?

What makes an apple turn brown in the air? Oxidation. Oxidation occurs in our body every day. This process of cells dying and new cells being generated occurs in the human body. When the human body metabolises oxygen 1% of cells can be damaged in the process. These damaged cells are free radicals; they are termed ‘free’ because they are missing a critical molecule. They go on the hunt for this missing molecule from healthy cells. When they do this they can damage the healthy cells DNA. The damaged cell may then grow abnormally and then replicate. Free radicals have been linked to rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease and some types of cancers.

How are free radicals harmful to my skin?

Due to environmental factors, our skin is also under constant attack from these rogue cells. Excess exposure to the sun, environmental pollutants and smoking are just a few of the activities that unleash a barrage of free radicals upon the skin. When free radicals attack your skin cells, they break down the layers of collagen and elastin. Without these proteins, your skin will begin to sag and wrinkle thus increasing the appearance of ageing. Free radical damage from sun exposure often triggers melanin production in the skin. This is a major cause of pigmentation.

How does my body fight them off?

Thankfully, our bodies have a natural defence system to help neutralise the harmful effects caused by these toxic molecules. Antioxidants such as Vitamin C are ideal for eliminating free radicals from our bodies. They interact with the radicals and stabilise them so they can no longer cause any harm. This process is also what helps us ward off colds and other illnesses.

How do I pick a good Vitamin C serum?

To reap the maximum benefits that Vitamin C can have on your skin, it is not enough to simply increase your intake of the mineral.

  • High Concentration – You must apply a high concentration serum directly to the skin. Any skin care that you choose should have a concentration of 10% for it to have significant benefits. If you peruse the shelves at your local supermarket, you will find many skin care creams that claim to contain Vitamin C. Have a look at the package and you will see that the concentration is often very small. On the flip side a HIGH concentration does NOT automatically make a good vitamin c serum. A lot of companies will trick you into thinking a 20% is high. It depends on which vitamin C it is and whether it is in a vacuum sealed container, whether it is oil soluble and other factors.
  • Stable – Vitamin C is also unstable. It turns brown and oxidises in the open air. For this reason you need to ensure the Vitamin C serum or cream that you use is NOT in a jar. If the lid is taken off a jar then the Vitamin C will become inactive. Our BV-OSC Vitamin C is stabilised and in an airtight container to ensure the activity of the product.
  • Oil Soluble – our skin has a lipid bi-layer. That means it is oil based and for the vitamin C to cross the skin we want it to be oil soluble. Vitamin C can be oil soluble and water soluble. Make sure you choose products with oil soluble vitamin C
  • Added ingredient benefits – in this day it is wise to look for products with added hyaluronic acid. It binds to 6 times it’s own weight in water and is a great hydrator for your skin

Our Refuel 10% BV- OSC Vitamin C serum ticks all the important boxes when it comes to an efficacious vitamin C serum.

How do I use it?

Before applying a Vitamin C serum, ensure that you first wash your face with an AHA/ BHA cleanser. This helps to remove many of the dead skin cells from your face and allowing the Vitamin C serum to penetrate deep into your skin. Apply a small pea sized drop of the serum to a dry face in the morning. To protect your skin from free radical damage you should also apply a moisturiser that contains a zinc based sunscreen on a daily basis.

Our Refuel Vitamin C is endorsed by Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine with them writing “WE LOVE IT”.

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By Mike Clague , Aesthetic Nurse, Bachelor Of Science.

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